There are many opportunities to serve in worship. If you’re interested in serving, please contact the church office by phone or fill out the short form below. Thank you!

Communion Server

Communion servers help by holding either the bread or the cup, offering it to the congregation as they come forward. Communion is served twice monthly (first and third Sundays). Depending upon how many servers there are, one particular communion server may only serve a few times a year.

Communion Steward

A communion steward helps to prepare, set up, and clean up the elements.


Do you like to act? Do you like to write? Do you enjoy setting up light cues and staging? There are many ways to use drama in our worship experience. This is an opportunity for all ages.


Greeters stand at the sanctuary doors and welcome everyone into worship. Greeters also help people find their way through the building. A good disposition and a willingness to help is all that is needed.


A liturgist helps to lead the worship service through inviting the congregation to participate in spoken responses, prayers, and also reads the scripture. Anyone 12 or older who is interested can serve if they are interested.

Media Shout

If you are interested in helping with the audio / visual end of worship, the Media Shout Team is for you. You can run the Media Shout presentation for a service, or maybe setting up the slides with the scriptures, lyrics, and graphics is more your speed. Whatever the case, feel free to share your gifts.


Singers can join the Choir or the Praise Team, offer solos, or be a part of special ensembles. Musicians are welcome to share their gifts in both services in different ways.


A reader reads a scripture or text during the service. This may be a prayer, a responsive reading or litany, or narration for a drama. Anyone who is interested, is able to read, and can comfortably read in front of a crowd (or would like to learn) can serve in this way.


Ushers make sure the bulletins are “stuffed” ahead of time, keep the pews tidy, lead people forward for communion, pass the collection plate, and collect the attendance pads. If someone needs help during the service the ushers assist.

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